Meditative Photography Workshops

“To the mind that is still,
the whole universe surrenders.”
Lao Tzu

Consciously infusing mindful awareness into our photography develops an expanded way of seeing that breathes a life and depth into the images we create. Learning to intensify this focus through a process of relaxing our minds not only enhances our level of contentment while practicing photography but also leaves us feeling refreshed and intensely alive.

This workshop leads you through simple mindful meditations which are then used as a basis to expand your perception of the 3 core photographic elements of "Awareness of Light & Shadow", "Awareness of Colour" and the "Awareness of Form & Texture".




Developed with the professional and entry level photographer in mind this workshop leads both the first time and seasoned meditators through easy to follow techniques which enhance the photographic eye through stilling the mind. 

The next workshop is scheduled for Saturday 5th of August 2017. New courses are being held regularly so please contact us to find out when the next course will be held.

There are currently to 2 modules on offer for these courses. Module 1 focuses on mindfulness and its ability to heighten our awareness of light and shadow, colour and form and texture. Module 2 focuses on Mindfully enhancing gratitude and appreciation as a method of developing our own unique photographic eye. 

I loved this approach to photography and got a lot more out of it than a technical workshop, but also enjoyed it more than meditation alone.
— gemma , Past Meditative Photography Student

When practiced, this discipline of balancing relaxation and one pointed focus is transformative in many ways. As you continue to practice meditative photography you will notice the effects will flow into all other aspects of your life. When the mind is still and can remain balanced and poised in the present moment, unpleasant states of mind such as anger, anxiety, confusion and depression loose their ability to affect you. This creates a space in which we can be more creative under pressure, have greater mental clarity and empathy during confrontations and allows us to be more productive as we glide through situations that once created friction in us.

This was a beautiful and gentle class, I left feeling calm, refreshed and open. I very much hope to continue with the practices Chris introduced us to.
— Mel, Past Meditative Photography Student

The Royal Botanic Gardens was chosen as the venue not only because of its natural beauty but because research has shown that being in nature heightens your attention span, boosts serotonin (the feel good neurotransmitter) and increases activity to the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, emotional stability and love.

I really like the meditation approach to tackling creative work such as photography, it has been really helpful for me to produce better work!
— Hugh, Past Meditative Photography Student

Sydney Royal
Botanic Gardens

With over 67,000 species of plants, some over 200 years old, The Royal Botanic Gardens is the ideal venue to unwind and explore the practice of meditative photography. The seated meditative portion of the course is held in the Maiden Theatre which is a beautifully restored Victorian heritage building constructed in the early 1900's.

The workshop will run 9am - 12pm and comprises of 3 sections each containing a 10 minute seated meditation component (indoors) followed by a 25 minute practical photographic exercise in which we will explore the gardens using a technique to calm, focus and refine our attention.

Wear warm comfortable clothing and if it looks like rain please bring an umbrella and a water proof jacket.

Take home tutorials
On completion of the course you will receive a take home tutorial pack to so that you can continue practicing the techniques over the months to come.

The tutorials are divided up into 3 classifications:
1. Revive (10min) Designed for short breaks at work where you are feeling fatigued or agitated and maybe craving a coffee. This exercise will quickly calm, refocus and revive you.
2.Clarity (25min) Designed for longer breaks during the day such as lunch or your walk to work. This exercise with help centre your mind and bring clarity to what is going on for you.
3. Immersion (45 - 90min) These exercises are designed for your days off when you have the time to fully immerse yourself in the activities. They will help train you to hold this relaxed focused state so that you can maintain this awareness in your every day life.

9.00 Introduction
9.15 Awareness of Light & Shadow
10.00 Awareness of Colour
11.00 Awareness of Form & Texture
12.00 Workshop Concludes

Map of how to get here with transport options



The technical areas of aperture, shutter speeds and the individual functionality of your particular camera will not be covered so please bring a camera that you are familiar with. This may be the camera in your phone, a point and shoot, a DSLR or a film camera. If you choose to shoot with macro or telephoto lenses, on auto or manual settings you are fee to do so. Just keep in mind that the main focus is on refining your awareness so if the equipment or the settings distract you from this, please use the simplest equipment on the the most familiar settings to you.









Christopher has worked in both the commercial and fine art photography fields for the past 16 years. His work has been published throughout Australia, Europe and the US. His fine artwork has been exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne and London. 

Christopher's fine artwork is an exploration of the human condition. His particular interest is in the meditational states of mind, how they are reached through the practice of meditational art forms such as meditative photography and what we derive from them in terms of heightened perception, mental clarity and contentment. 

Christopher has spent the last 4 years investigating meditation through his own personal practice and through the researching of Buddhist philosophies, Gestault therapy and the interrelated beliefs of the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi.

Christopher has taught "Digital techniques for traditional artists" through CAE in Melbourne. He has also taught the popular "Photography as Therapy" through The School of Life in Sydney.

Christopher's open and down to earth approach to teaching is engaging and easy to relate to.